2. Water Lilies, Claude Monet

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    The Umbrella Tour. Cimetière du Père-Lachaise. Paris. Photo by Amber Maitrejean

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  5. renaissance-art:

    Giorgio Vasari c. 1555-1565

    Palazzo Vecchio



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    Oh something good tonight will make me forget about you for now


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  9. Jean Seberg in Breathless (1960)

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  10. Je tombe amoureux comme on tombe dans les escaliers, avec surprise et douleurs.
    — Jörd Bass. / GangstersAndHugs (gangstersandhugs)

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  11. I made coffee and walnut cakes last night. They are delicious. I am now a master baker and next year I will enter and win the Great British Bake Off.



  13. I’m gunna keep me all to myself

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